Storage insulation incombustible


Since the demands of the building regulations and requirements are „hardly inflammable“ and „imcombustible“, we as insulation specialists have decided to develop for the solar industry an incombustible storage insulation as prefabricated system (including lid and rosettes).

In addition to many other advantages, the incombustibility is unique and a milestone in the storage insulation technology.Furthermore, we provide excellent values regarding insulation characteristics, thermal conductivity, fitting accuracy (also in the lid) and durability.


The insulation characteristics provide significant advantages to reach the required energy label for warm water storage tanks according to ErP2010/30/EU with a lower insulation thickness.

It is unique that Termoprodukt GmbH is the first manufacturer of storage insulation who can show a system certification of the fire classification pursuant to E13501-1+A1:2010. Furthermore, also the insulation is monitored and checked by an independent company to ensure that the insulation characteristics are continuously the same.

Technical data

• Classification of the fire performance of storage insulation A2-s1, d0 (pursuant to CSN EN 13501-1+A1:2012)• According to the system, the rosettes are incombustible

• Thermal conductivity 0,032 W/m Kor 0,035 W/mK

• Chimney effect isn’t possible due to compression of the insulation

• Due to the required compression while installation there is no problem to mount the insulation at low temperatures

• The lid leans against the upper curve of the storage, accordingly a heat loss upwards is prevented

• The storage insulation will be delivered compressed, therefore enormous savings on transportation are made

• Insulation thicknesses: Standard 100mm installed / delivered 120mm

On demand, insulation thicknesses up to 200mm are possible!



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Due to technical facts, minor unevennesses in the surface cannot be excluded.

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